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Wood floor, the future Jiezhuang industry leader

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In recent years, combination of plant fiber and plastic polymer material formed by special processing technology of a new type of environmental protection and energy saving materials -- wood material, which has the advantages of non perishable, not easy to deformation, waterproof, mothproof and mouldproof, is widely used in building decoration, landscaping, logistics, packaging and other fields, effectively alleviate the the current shortage of forest resources in china. Today, the measures for returning farmland to forests do not solve the lack of wood market. The new environmental protection materials have naturally become the project of R & D and production in China.

The application range of wood materials is very extensive, especially in the home building materials industry, the product has covered wood floors, wood railings and other hundreds of categories. Among them, the WPC in after several years of development and perfection, has gradually become the home building materials industry leader, because the wood floor not only has the natural wood texture, and has many advantages, its biggest advantage is not easy deformation, even if the sound may have almost no mildew, insects damage will disappear. There is no need for complicated late maintenance, and the cost of customers is greatly saved. The WPC cause two pollution of indoor air, do not contain toxic substances and chemical composition, is the home improvement industry excellent environmental performance products. The birth of the WPC brought home the "Gospel" and more sensible choice for consumers to a certain extent. To meet rising customer demand quality, Jiangsu Kelida wood company focused wood industry development, they have a mature to the production and operation mode, with excellent cooperation and trust relationship with clients, management the most comprehensive and most advanced technologies and services, but also in the future continue to strengthen the quality of the products. All employees have made customer trust through a near perfect customer service service, step by step to build an influential brand of plastic enterprises.
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